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World Delete is a technology division of World Intelligence LTD, specialising in the total elimination of Internet content: Social Media, Digital Press, Photographs, Videos, content on iCloud, negative Comments and Review, negative financial information and any other type of harmful information that could negatively affect the reputation or credibility of our clients.

World Delete counts on an expert Internet technology team with more than 10 years of experience. At World Delete, we don’t experiment or make failed attempts with our clients’ issues. We guarantee all results, under the contractual clause: “the client is 100% satisfied or we refund all payments”.

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Eliminate information from the Internet that could harm your reputation

Eliminate information from the Internet that could harm your reputation

World Delete’s tools allow the client to have immediate results, erasing any Internet content in the first 24 hours, allowing the client to avoid harming their internet reputation.

The ease with which user can publish negative content in a completely anonymous and free manner has led to the growth of World Delete clients by more than 500% yearly.  This has obviously caused individuals, but primarily businesses, politicians, public entities and Governments have the urgent and mandatory need to protect themselves against any threat from unknown users on the Internet.

World Delete is the only company in the world that, before erasing the content, can detect, at the request of the client, personal information about the person who has published negative content, in an anonymous and unknown way.  World Delete gives the client the following information: IP, Geolocation, Email, Full Name, telephone number and any other information that will allow the client to litigate the negative content with sufficient legal guarantee, given that the format of digital evidence we provide you is easy to read. This last requirement is especially focussed on politicians, public entities and governments that want to litigate or prosecute against the content once World Delete has  it eliminated.

As you can imagine, filing a complaint regard negative content found on the internet to the police or courts/tribunals rarely guarantees the proper result, in addition to the costs that this complaint can cause: contracting a lawyer, court representative and the administrative bureaucracy that can last more than 1 year. And during all this time, the negative content continues to be on the Internet, causing a serious loss of reputation and generating large economic losses. Because of this, World Delete has created the optimal solution for the elimination and investigation of Internet content.

All the information or documentation shared between the client and World Delete, whether it be email, telephone or face-to-face, is rigorously handled, keeping maximum confidentiality.

+ 1000
vídeos eliminated
+ 1000
photos eliminated
+ 1000
blogs/forums eliminated
+ 1000
comments / reviews
+ 1000
media articles eliminated
+ 100000
links eliminated



Erasing your full name from the Internet and its search engines is possible. At World Delete, we guarantee results, we dedicate ourselves to completely erasing your past because you also have the right to forget.


World Delete reaches the origin of the undesired published content in digital media and we proceed with its elimination, de-indexation or modification.


We guarantee your full name or the name of your company, if published in an official state bulletin, will be encrypted/coded or eliminated, to avoid access.


Do you want to erase your name from any or all social media platforms? Has someone created a page that speaks poorly of you or your brand? Do you need to erase something with urgency? We will erase it.


We know perfectly well how much a video or photograph gone viral can bother you, in any and all social media platforms. We can erase anything that bothers you.

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Questions and Answers

Because World Delete has 10 years of experience with 99% of the clients satisfied. It’s the only such company with services world-wide. With World Delete, you are secure: World Delete signs an NDA with all its clients and it guarantees complete confidentiality. Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, World Delete promises the client to refund money paid if the established objectives aren’t met (which rarely happens due to the efficiency and success of elimination).

World Delete was created to protect one necessity: the right to be forgotten, the famous right to privacy.

On the one hand, there is the right to freedom of expression. On the other hand,  the right of those, for different reasons, who have been “criticised, slandered, libelled or damaged” on the Internet justly or unjustly, that want to exercise their right to privacy.

The right to privacy should be understood as the right of a person to be forgotten, with the objective to safeguard the privacy of people or businesses and even politicians who are or have been part of the Government.

However, as you know, articles and webpages, unlike printed paper, can be indefinitely visible and accessible through search engines.

World Delete helps those that have experienced problems on the Internet, which violate their privacy and could have lifelong consequences. Concretely, World Delete eliminates and modifies any undesired content on the Internet.  

The right to privacy is still new on the European legislative panorama, having emerged as a result of technology evolution, particularly information digitalisation and the possibility of repeating it with complete simplicity and in real time through search engines like “Google”.

The first historic step on this road was “Google”, who in 2014, basically established that the owner of the search engine on the Internet is responsible for processing the personal data that appears on webpages published by third parties.

Based on this decision from the European Tribunal and other tribunals in various member States, the 27.4.2016 was adapted to the EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Councillors. The right to privacy was incorporated in article 17, where it is stipulated that the interested party has the right to control of the personal data they want to eliminate, and it will be given without unnecessary delay. The owner of the search engine is obliged to delete the personal data without unnecessary delay if one of the following conditions exists:

  • The data is not necessary for the reasons it was collected or processed.
  • The interested party revokes their permission for the use of their data and there is no other legitimate reason to process the data.
  • The interested party opposed the processing of their personal data and there is no legitimate reason to continue its processing.
  • The data should be eliminated to fulfil legal obligation in virtue of the legislation of the European Union and its member States.
  • The collected data is related to service within the information society.

The service offered by World Delete consists in making undesired content on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc is not visible.

Every client is treated in a personalised way and depending on the case, the following solutions are applied, with only the objective of guaranteeing your anonymity on the Internet.

Complete elimination of the link or webpage:

This service consists in completely eliminating the unwanted webpage, when the necessary conditions for your right to privacy exist. When someone tries to visit this page, it will generate an error, the error 404, which doesn’t allow eh reading of the content because it’s been eliminated.

Modify the data on the unwanted page:

This consists in the modification of the content on the undesired page by substituting the full name of the interested party with initials. This means that when the full name is searched, it will not show in the search because it cannot be indexed by the search engine.

De-indexation of undesired links:

The term de-indexation means, when our technical department finds it’s not possible to modify or eliminate a link/content, we process the reduction of position in search engines. This means that the negative content will not appear in the first positions of a search, or it may completely disappear from the search engine.

World Delete was the first company to offer this service and today it is a leader that of course offers worldwide service. This assertion in the market is an important difference due to the wealth of experience we have acquired over the years.

World Delete is the only company capable of guaranteeing its service and the only one that operates with the formula “satisfied or refunded”. Today, World Delete has served more than 10,000 clients, both individual and businesses, with 99% of our clients satisfied.

World Delete is a specialised service for private Businesses, Individuals and Governments that want to eliminate or modify Internet content.

This depends on the case, the number of links, the content of the link and the page it published on. Normally 1 to 6 months. The technical and commercial team conduct a personalised study of the client before formalising any contract.

Normally, 3 months. But it depends on the case. Our experts will examine each case and every possibility.

The cost varies for each client. World Delete studies the number of links and the page publishing the information to be deleted or modified that you want to contract and will generate a personalised estimate.

In cases of cancelation or elimination, the unwanted webpage with disappear forever and will not be accessible by any search engine. In the case of changing names for initials, the page will be there, but once the modification has been completed, when someone searches, it will fail, and the browser will not show modified news or links.

In the case of de-indexation, the negative news or links will not be accessible on search engines in the country the client has chosen, the country the client elected when contracting us (for example when contracting our services, the client decides which countries it wants the searchable content to be eliminated from: Google Italy, Google Spain, etc). When someone searches from the country the client has contracted, the information will not appear, but a search from a country that isn’t contracted will. Because of this, we always recommend that when you contact World Delete services, you specify the countries you want to have the information eliminated. However, we typically don’t need to de-index because in 99% of World Delete cases, the information is eliminated without the need to de-index.

In the case of elimination or modification, which represents more than 99% of the executed possibilities with World Delete, the content will not be visible in any search engine. In the case of de-indexation, meaning in 1% of the cases, the content will disappear from the first pages of Google, but it could still show as indexed if using another search engine.

In case World Delete does not provide the complete service, meaning, elimination, modification or de-indexation of the client’s indicated links and in the time planned in the contract, the client will be refunded. The refund would be based on the individual links that could not be serviced, as the contract has a price per link. For example, if of 10 links, it is not possible to eliminate 1, while the other 9 have successfully been eliminated, the cost of the one link will be immediately refunded to the client. However, let us remind you that 99% of World Delete’s clients are satisfied.

Of course. World Delete can eliminate any content from any social media platform within the first 48 hours. Each client is handled in a personalised manner and because of this, the time can vary depending on the content.

Yes. World Delete can eliminate any type of multimedia content from social media platforms, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. World Delete can also eliminate videos from online news platforms or other websites.

If the client agrees with our estimate, we will send an email with the following contracts:

  • Confidentiality Agreement: The contract that stipulates confidentiality between World Delete and the client and the information shared between the two.
  • Service Agreement : The contract that stipulates the conditions between World Delete and the client. (It includes an annex with the links to be eliminated and how much time is needed to eliminate them.)
  • Authorisation Letter: The client signs an authorisation, confirming and authorising World Delete to eliminate the negative links.

No. Once deleted, the same link and the same page cannot be recuperated, given that they have been permanently eliminated.

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