Erase Information

From the Internet

Word Delete tracks and erase any information that could harm yourself, your business, organisation or government.

Erase all negative information from the Internet



Protect your business 

Online Reputation

World Delete protects you from any negative information that could be published about your company or brand. Our early-alert automated system instantaneously alerts us whenever a publication is made that contains the name of your company or brand. This way we can erase information before it becomes viral and can harm you.

How important is it to you to protect the earnings of your company? Today a bad reputation or a negative comment on the Internet or in Social Media can provoke a loss in earnings of sales and services. World Delete protects you 24/7.


Don’t leave a trail 

of your image on the Internet

Our 10 years of experience are applied to protect your reputation online, eliminating any information that could be harmful. We know how horrible it is to have a bad reputation for crimes you have never done or charges that were beat. Today it’s even easier to put negative content about a person in an anonymous way on the Internet, or that “freedom of expression” is used by the press. While there are millions of journalists that verify information before publishing, there is a multitude of them that simply copy and paste what they have read in other press or on the Internet without any accuracy or verification.

World Delete protects you 100% from any negative information. Will you let us help you?


Erase all information related to you on the Internet

We’re sure that at some point, you’ve asked yourself: Is it possible to erase a photo, a video or a comment from the internet? And the answer is: Yes.

World Delete guarantees that any type of information that makes you uncomfortable will be deleted in a completely confidential way. The simple fact that you are a public personality or have been in the past doesn’t mean that you have to accept any inappropriate commentary, ridicule, insult or retouched photography, as well as private videos that have been made public. Contact us and we will provide you with a non-binding and free personalised study of your online reputation and the links we recommend for elimination


For a better and safer future

World Delete already has some Governments as clients. They have given us the confidence of managing the online reputation of the people running the government. Unfortunately, being a politician usually means receiving insults of all types, as users have no limit of what they can publish, all in an anonymous way. Even threatening content can be published, which can be prosecuted as a crime.

World Delete detects and tracks all Internet content in any format or portal, finding digital evidence of the detected content, while processing its elimination. The digital evidence is judicial evidence found by our law experts in IT, which leaves Governments and Organisations the option to prosecute anyone that has published eliminated content.

Control everything from your exclusive client area

Monitor from your exclusive client area (Client Login) how the elimination of contracted links progresses. Every time a link is erased or modified, you will receive an automatic notification in your app. dashboard and your email. This way you will always be informed 24/7. If you want, you can contact us through your app. dashboard, by chat or telephone with a personally assigned technician. If you have any doubt with your case, you can resolve it in a quick and intuitive way.