How does it work?

We classify information that could affect you and eliminate it, guaranteed.

How does it work?


Petition for Information

We attend to the petition on the behalf of the client or business to find negative information on the internet.

Classification of Content

We share the negative publications found on the Internet with the client through our reputation protection experts.

Contractual Documentation

We give the client a private contract between the company and the client that specifies the information to be eliminated, the price and the guaranteed success

Find the Responsible Parties

We identify the webpages with negative content and the responsible parties for said content.

Elimination Management

Our IT specialists and their tools, along with the professional team of World Delete analyse the content to process its elimination or modification.

Information Eliminated

The negative or prejudicial content against the reputation of our clients has been eliminated with success. The client can monitor the results obtained at any time.

+ 1000
vídeos eliminated
+ 1000
photos eliminated
+ 1000
blogs/forums eliminated
+ 1000
+ 1000
media articles eliminated
+ 100000
links eliminated

Control everything from your exclusive client zone

Monitor from your exclusive client zone (Client Login) how the elimination of contracted links progresses. Every time a link is eliminated or modified, you will receive an automatic notification in your app dashboard and your email. This way you will always be informed, 24/7. If you want, you can contact us through your app dashboard, by chat or telephone with a personally assigned technician. If you have any doubt with your case, you can resolve it in a quick and intuitive way.